About Alpha Signal Five – the geek culture blog from Anime to Zombies.

Hello – thanks for visiting alphasignalfive.com.

This is my third attempt at a blog. While I’ve stuck to the same sort of themes throughout – the latest releases from within the many fields of geek culture, plus some examination of geek culture itself – I had some trouble finding the writing style I really wanted.

Writing is one of my great loves, and so given my other great love of all things nerdy, I felt I owed it to myself to try and find a way which made them fit neatly together. There was a pretty long detour where I’d be actively be reviewing stuff, but soon realised that I’d rather just try and write about things from my own point of view rather than tunnelling my way towards a final verdict.

The name – Alpha Signal Five – is nicked from a song by my favourite band, Reuben, with defiant lyrics befitting the self-deprecating survivalist attitude I’m currently feeling towards life. It’s also a pretty cool sci-fi sounding thing in itself, so I just had to do it really.

It’s hoped that with Alpha Signal Five I can maintain a method that’s part squee, part snark, all honest and with as much good humour as possible.

About Me


I’m Vincent. I’m thirty-two years old. I’m a copywriter based in West Yorkshire and I’ve had geeky tendencies pretty much all my life.

I love filling up my brain with loads of nerdy trivia, it’s actually surprising some of the stuff I realise I know when it comes up in conversation or during a quiz show.

If I were a contest on Jeopardy! my five dream categories would be:

  • Amiga 600
  • The WWF during those years in the 1990s when nobody actually watched it
  • Chris Morris quotes
  • Pulp sci-fi book covers
  • 2000AD comic during those years in the 1990s when nobody actually read it


I hope you enjoy your time here at Alpha Signal Five. Feel free to tweet or email your thoughts, suggestions and so on.

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